Every ritual in the Full Professional salon begins with a professional diagnosis of hair and scalp by one of our Kerastase experts. Whether your hair is dry, damaged or colored, or you seem to lose hair, you have dandruff or sensitive sculp, a detailed consultation will determine your ideal ritual for your hair and scalp.

If you want an instant hair transformation and lasting results, ask for your custom treatment Fusio-dose, our unique ritual in front of your eyes for visibly transformed hair.

Finally, in order to keep your hair care from the salon at home, your Kerastase Expert will offer customized home care for your hair and scalp for permanent transformation over time.

Personalized care for your exceptional hair starts at our Full Professional salon.

Welcome to our world of hair care.


In this salon, enjoy an increased moment of care and well-being

As experts in hair care, we have extended our favorite head massage, incorporated gentle gestures to relieve your tension. You will enjoy the subtle scents and indulge the pleasure with your eyes closed.

Each Kerastase Ritual starts with a professional, detailed scalp and hair review using a Kerastase camera for a detailed diagnosis, performed by a highly trained Kerastase expert. From this detailed consultation, your hairdresser will choose one of the personalized rituals from the menu.

Discover our ritual menu and make an appointment at the Full Professional hair salon.

Instant treatment

Unprecedented solutions


Find your personalized mix of our high-performance Fusio-dose concentrates and Boosters for your primary and secondary hair problems, with up to 20 combinations.

Immediate transformation in only 5 min.

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Customized rituals for hair care and remarkable texture which ensure that your hair becomes completely transformed from within.

Ritual for Thickness and Rejuvenation

Thickness for beautiful hair look. For hair losing thickness. Create beautiful hair from the root with a revitalizing effect of hair thickness protection.


Intensive Nutrition

Superior nutrition and immunity against drying. For dry and sensitive hair. Optimal nutrition from the root to the tips for dry hair and the result of prolonged action.



Intensive long-lasting discipline for unruly hair. Hair is controlled with incredible movement.

Hair is disciplined and easier to blow dry.


Discipline for Curly Hair

A ritual with morpho-keratin for the perfect definition of curls and protection against dryness.


Ritual for the Shine of Colored Hair

Protection and shine for colored hair. Protect and maintain the color, shine and intensity of your hair.


Ritual for Strengthening and Reconstruction

Second life for damaged and very damaged hair. The hair is profoundly renewed, strong and elastic.

[20-40 MINUTES]

Ritual For Volume Increase

A ritual that boosts hair volume and creates a thickness effect. For beautiful hair with lots of volume.


Magistrale Protocol

Provides intensive, long-lasting nutrition for dry hair. Professional mixing of our exclusive formulas in the salon, suitable for slightly dry to seriously dry hair.


Spécifique: Rituals for Scalp Problems

A collection of targeted solutions for balancing your scalp using technologically advanced ingredients, your scalp and hair will feel naturally clean and inevitable.


Proper care of the scalp is often neglected despite the fact that it is the main cause of many hair problems, including oily hair, hair loss, dandruff and itching. The polluted environment we live in makes things worse. The hair detoxification protocol is characterized by deep and detailed cleansing by Masquargil which is based on clay and sonic cleansing using Clarisonic scalp brush designed for the treatment of this exclusive Kerastase treatment.

Final touch: soothing massage with Masque Appaisant, a renewing gel cream designed to improve the quality of your scalp and hair.



We have perfected our knowledge of the problems that can occur on the scalp and turned it into Spa Salon Protocols by creating this care series that helps solve the 3 main problems of the scalp: eliminating dandruff, relieving the sensitive scalp, preventing hair loss and detoxification of greasy scalp. Each unique problem is handled in three steps, including the micro-targeted application of the Kerastase Scalp products using the Micronizer to provide better efficiency. The combination of these gentle movements, precise applications and high performance products through the gentle care of our professional hairdressers ensures healthy scalp and permanent results.


Protocol for dandruff elimination

Helps eliminate dry and greasy dandruff – Cleans scalp – Stimulates the biological activity of the scalp for better skin quality – The hair is soft, light and shiny.


Soothing Protocol for Sensitive Scalp

Reduces scalp discomfort such as tingling, redness and itching – Eliminates scalp impurity – Relieves, refreshes and hydrates the scalp – The hair feels revitalized, gentle and subtle.


Anti-Hair Loss Protocol

Stops premature aging of the follicle – stimulates the activity of the biological scalp for better skin quality – regenerates hair metabolism – textures the hair for immediate volume and fullness.








Chronologiste Caviar Ritual

Designed for those who are looking for the best for their hair, Chronologiste works like a wonderful elixir to purify and revive lifeless hair. It has the signature of mimetic caviar pearls that are mixed with the mask a moment before application. The scalp is regenerated and calmed, the hair is well toned, strengthened and repaired, hair strands are silky and have the new volume.


Elixir Ultime 24 Carat

To experience the precious oils offered by this ritual we perform it in 5 parts using Elixir Ultime oils to make a series of blends adapted to your hair. Relaxing massage and customized oily zoning techniques make the active ingredients from Elixir Ultime oil easy to penetrate. For hair that is elastic, softened and enriched with natural shine.


Aura Botanica Ritual

Inspired by spa treatments, this detoxification ritual uses the strength of herbs to remove the impurities gently but thoroughly in order to feed the hair with the perfect dose of Moroccan organic argan oil, Samoan coconut oil and Damask rose.


Kérathermique Ritual

Designed for hair in distress, a cutting-edge ritual for transformation and hair restoration. Kerathermique Ritual is the first thermoactive restructuring service for hair maintenance. Provides softness, gloss and gives a revitalizing effect.


K-Mist rituals

Restore natural healthy hair with the power of water!

Micro Mist treats damaged hair more efficiently than any other device using ultrasound vibrations to emit a huge amount of microscopic water particles that penetrate deeply into the core of the hair. This creates a feeling that is often described as nutritious and relaxing, and at the same time provides an effective hair treatment for hair that is damaged by chemical or mechanical treatments.

After that, the air cooling begins in order to fix the hair care product more effectively, while at the same time creates a relaxing and Spa effect for your senses.

Experience the latest technology for your hair care in our salon. Treat yourself or your dear person with one of our Kerastase rituals.


Treat yourself or your dear person with one of our Kerastase ritual

Treat yourself or your dear person with a personalized ritual of your Kerastase expert.

The ritual works deeply in order to increase the effectiveness of hair care products that are applied with the expert massage, providing an intensely soothing experience.

Every professional gesture is designed to offer unique beauty in 4 steps: washing, treating, regenerating and texturing.