Cut & Color


When you come to the Full Professional salon you can have professional consulting with one of our stylists. Not only will your stylists propose a hairstyle that will complete you, but will also advise you on how to handle your new hairstyle.

Our stylists are trained to work with all types of hair using only the highest quality tools and scissors for precision. Whether your hair is good enough, too short, too thin or too damaged, we recommend that you allow our stylists to suggest a hairstyle that will complement your personal style and lifestyle. For your hair we can apply a wide variety of cutting techniques, complex cuts, layered or blunt cuts, performed with precision and care.

Before you opt for a service in our salon, you will be treated with luxurious Kerastase shampoo and care that are perfect for your hair and scalp. We finish the haircut by blow drying and styling.

In the Full Professional salon, we are proud of the fact that we see each client as our sole client and we believe that beauty is individual.



Every hair coloring at Full Professional begins with professional consultation. The Full Professional salon colorist will create a combination of professional colors that will be perfectly adapted to you. We can choose the color of the hair that is not only tailored to your skin tone, but it matches your lifestyle, personality and profession.

Whether you are looking for a drastic change in hair color or just concealing new grey hair, the right hair color will give you greater confidence and will make you feel better.

The Full Professional salon offers a full range of professional Loreal Professionel products for coloring and Kerastase Paris for hair care that will help you extend the color intensity and protect your hair.

Hair shading and highlights also begin with professional consultations. In the Full Professional salon we always use your basic color (natural, or already colored) to upgrade a range of new shades. The choice of color/technique is determined depending on the shape of your face, characteristics and your personal requirements and style. If you decide to change the color, let us improve your color by creating a look that will be unique to you.

Our experts are trained to work on all hair types using only the highest quality hair colors, applying the most varied techniques of coloring, highlights, balayage, ombre, sombre … thanks to creativity and care of our colorists.

We also offer color correction services. Our experts will create new, vibrant colors that are more suitable for you.

In the Full Professional salon we do not think that there is a unique recipe for everyone, we adapt the colors to the individual.




*Color prices vary on the basis of length, texture, time and consumables for each specific color service.